Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Back For 2010!

Back into the busy fray and hitting the ground running with 2 shoots in 2 days. This is an image from today's shoot (yesterdays was for a magazine so more to follow soon) with model Lisa Lewis and make up artist Paulina Siembor. Paulina is known for her bright and colourful make up artistry, (more images from this shoot to hit the blog soon, watch this space_______) and she didn't let us down today with rainbow lashes and ribbon taking center stage for most of today's shoot. However the image above is one from the end of the day after the make up was stripped back. Concentrating on a simple one light set up today the image is shot with a classic feel in mind. Lisa has a quality to her poses that really plays with the light that really got the most from the minimal feel of today's shoot.


For the keen eyed of you following my blog you may have noticed a lack of 'Photo of the Month' last month. There is a photo.... 3 in fact... They are coming.... Taken in December for Colours Modeling Agency they hit the streets in mid January along with a rather swish Video.... Its all happening!!!!


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