Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Mistakes Happen Right...?

Unfortunately, every now and then, there is a bum shot. Underexposed or not quite how you wanted it. It happens. So here is a wee section on how I deal with it. I'm gonna post a few videos like this over the next few weeks with some more detail and close up shots on some of the techniques I use. Enjoy!


Monday, 28 September 2009

Bands Bands Bands

Tonight was a quick shoot for edinburgh Band K-LAB all done and dusted in an hour... edited and sent off now blogged within two. Check out 'SCAMS & HARD SALES' EP on their myspace.

After surviving Sunday mornings 10K run the evening brought ALFONZO's Single 'Blind as Faith' launch. Live shots below. Get 'Blind as Faith' Here.


Saturday, 26 September 2009

One Light!



Everyone loves a before and after shot. This is a shoot in the urban surround of Glasgow. We headed out with 3 outfits, a model Mhairi an make up artist Lynsey C Reilly, me, a camera and one speed light. The shoot was really to let me play with some new retouching tech and play around a little with one flash light source.


Friday, 25 September 2009

RIP the skinny fashion pages

So after a run with the skinny fashion section it looks like it has come to a nice natural end. Onward and upward they say. So as a final farewell I thought I would post the whole of the last skinny shoot (despite having posted one of the images just a few days ago) and a few wee extras.

So first up is make up! Zoe sits calmly as she is told we are gonna smear lipstick on her, mess up her hair and rip holes in her tights.... The shoot was based around 'little line up' and the girls do a spot of fighting along with some head shots etc.

So first up was Mhairi, (whom I've been doing lots of tests with over the past month so I'm sure you'll see more of her) Ian Tod with one D was styling like his life depended on it. Love his energy on shoots, he always brings it. It really makes a huge difference to a shoot when you are all bouncing off one another.

Ian shows em how it's done!

So here are the shots that made the mag.

This one of the two girls didn't make it in - see the other post if you're interested.

Here are a few that also didn't make it in......


Thursday, 24 September 2009

One Clown... 303 to go.....

A little self portrait project I did a while back with my good friend Jak. We Shot 304 images that evening each one with ever progressing make-up. If you look hard you can see my eyes getting redder and redder as we slapped on more and more make-up. The plan is to do a few more shoots like this where I will post up the whole shoot. Its a great learning tool for models. Also having a movie like this in their digital folio is something that not many of them do, but it can really show how interesting their poses are and how much they give on a shoot.

I don't really like being on this side of the camera but every now and then its good to do it and remind yourself how it feels. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.....


Wednesday, 23 September 2009


So here's a shoot we did for Scottish Fashion Award Winner 2009 Joyce Paton. The new corset and hat range are based on a Highland theme with Tartan and game feathers featuring prominently. The shoot was for her ad campaign (featuring in this months Vogue UK) for this season, so its only now I'm allowed to post up the images.

We shot indoor and out covering her web advertising also. 8 head pieces were covered in the indoor shoot with the outdoor shoot covering 3 looks/changes.

Great team on the shoot, with lots of experience and some fantastic input. Working as part of this talented team was a real blast and we had a huge laugh pulling this together. Stylist Mr Ian Tod seen all over the pages of the Herald Weekend Fashion sections, Make up by The Fantastic Karen Bowen, Hair by Gary Lees who's work can been seen at almost every Christopher Kane Show ever. Our long suffering model was Hannah from Superior model management.


Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Sun down!

Holly gets a make over mid field. Photos from this shoot are mid edit.
Holly rocked it in the fields before hitting town to do a low fi style urban shoot

One from the field.

And one from the street...

All shot with one speed light and shoot through umbrella. Got to love One Light!

Model: Holly from Model Team
Make up artist: Jak Morgan


Monday, 21 September 2009

Superhero Session

Here is a little peak at a personal project I have been playing with over the past few months. I set myself the task of creating 'Comic Book Hero' style 'film stills' to play with a few ideas I had had knocking around my head. So I got on the phone and got a model (Zoe) and a make up artist (Jak) and hit the studio.

Poor Zoe always gets me asking her if its ok if we cover her in pretend sweat or rub black make up all over her face. This shoot was no exception. The first shot that I have posted here is the first where our 'Hero' gains her powers. Through out the series I hope to tackle a bank robbery, a train crash and the creation of her 'Super Suit' and cape. Poor Zoe really doesn't know what she has let herself in for....

So with the talent in place in front of the camera and the lightning captured many years ago all I needed was a background for our transformation. The back allys of Glasgow's Queen Street was the perfect backdrop for the dark and dingy look I was going for.

Keep an eye out for the next in the series: 'The Train'


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