Thursday, 26 November 2009

One from today

Today was a rushed visit to Glasgow's Contrast Studios to do 2 fashion shoots. The editing starts tomorrow of the rest of the 2 shoots we did today. But just like Christmas its nice to open one before bed! So even with the tight time limit in the studio we had time to squeeze in this image just for you at the end of the shoot. This is Miss Lisa Lewis currently celebrating her second week with agents Superior Model Management. All the best Lisa! Styling on this shot was done by Angela Corrigan.
Big thanks to the team today all of whom rocked the boat!
Styling: Angela Corrigan for 'Scarfs and Hats' and Sam Morrison for 'Almost Whites'
Make Up: Jak Morgan
Model: Lauren Byfield @ Superior Model Management
Model: Lisa Lewis @ Superior Model Management (pictured above)
Photographer: Hamish Campbell
Photographers Assistant: Eoin Carey


Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Picture Of the Month November 2009

I thought I'd just stick with the back catalogue theme from last month. This image was shot as part of the Joseph McGee Collection in the early part of the year.


Sunday, 22 November 2009

Horses for Courses

Over the past few months I've been picking up a few extra jobs for Event Photography Scotland and just thought id give them a quick plug as I have been added to their regulars list. They cover 'Public Events' for free... Yes for FREE! Then put the images up for download on their site. Using ProPhotoBox galleries they guarantee a quick and quality product. The guys all have Disclosure making them a perfect choice for anything from school events to award ceremonies.


Wednesday, 18 November 2009

POSED magazine editorial shoot

Last June I was selected as a contributing photographer for a new Scottish fashion and photography publication. The magazine is split into two sections the first a 'MUSE' section where each of the photographers were asked to take photos of the first editions muse Stephanie (Superior Model Management) . The clothes were supplied by American Apparel and other than those two factors we had free reign to do as we pleased. The above shots are taken from the session with Stephanie, I was keen to do something a little different with the look of the images and played with a few ideas before opting for the above effect. Stephanie is a former Beauty Queen and I wanted to wrap these images up with a tie-in between her and the wardrobe selected for me. This of course came in the form of the American flag. Its existence in these images is to show the American influence over both our style and our now common place searches for beauty.

Model: Stephanie (Superior Model Management)
Make Up: Sian Lidgate
Stylist: Pamela

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge
The second Section was the 'Quote' section. Again a very limited brief letting the involved photographers really run with their ideas. The above images are a set entitled 'The illusion of symmetry' Its focus is on the imperfect nature of both body and textile. The Model Mhairi (Superior Model Management) was asked to keep as straight as possible to allow this effect to work. The Images range from fun, to unusual, to uncomfortable. The body seems almost contorted in some, but each image holds a quiet pulchritude thanks to Mhairi's hard work in front of the lens.

Model: Mhairi (Superior Model Management)
Make Up: Jak Morgan
Stylist: Hamish Campbell


Winter Warmer!


Have Yourself a Very Berry Christmas

Fruit photography. With the news that Scotland's Summer Fruits supplies are coming to an end. This years summer soft fruits crop worth an estimated 26Million Pounds has been scoffed in record time! With limited supply consumers are being encouraged to buy now for their Christmas Cranachan and Trifle.


Tuesday, 17 November 2009

£5000 Cocktail Anyone.... Or Maybe Just A Night In?

Promo Photographs for St Andrews Old Course Hotel. The £5000.00 Champagne cocktails each come with a MAPPIN & WEBB diamond jewelry piece. (I think perhaps the drink is really free).

A belated congratulations to Helen Parker and her Marketing team at 'The Old Course' for their win at the Scottish Thistle Awards last month. Check out the promo pictures below.
The 4 girls are all from the marketing and accounts departments and worked hard for their well earned drinks below. Check out the details for 'The Old Course' offers HERE.


Wednesday, 11 November 2009


With POSED Magazine on its way this month we are all very excited to see the first issue. Shooting (for me at least) started for the second issue on Sunday so I thought I'd use this as a good excuse to pop up a few links and say a few thanks.
HUGE team on Sunday so a quick shout out to them all. The 3 models all from Superior Model Management did a grand job with new comer 16 year old Caron truly shining. The others did themselves and their Agency proud. Check them all out here: Caron, Ross D and Lauren.
Sam Morrison preformed her debut as stylist with grace and ease, showcasing some of this seasons hottest 'Knits and Winter Warmers'. Kat McSwean painted faces and curled eye lashes with her normal wit and good banter (quality job on the eye dots...) and Saks Sarah Graham-Mccombe rokin the hair and styling. Huge thanks to Karen my assistant for the day and all the others that put the effort in.


Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Its Raining Its Pouring

Two from the weekends shoots. Mhairi braved the cold and rain and even a few on lookers to get these shots in a field on the outskirts of the City. Make up: Jak Morgan, stylist: Sam Morrison, Model: Mhairi (Superior Model Managment)


Sunday, 1 November 2009

Miss Lois Weatherup Part One

Three images from a test shoot last week with Miss Lois Weatherup. The ex-Miss Scotland and Model sports a tan found only in Mexico. We were keen to set an early evening feel with lighting and style, to mimic that of a 'Newspaper Editorial Spread.'
This editorial style shoot was one of two done that day, watch this space for the second post from this same session.
Model: Lois Weatherup Colours agency
Make up: Kat McSwein


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