Wednesday, 18 November 2009

POSED magazine editorial shoot

Last June I was selected as a contributing photographer for a new Scottish fashion and photography publication. The magazine is split into two sections the first a 'MUSE' section where each of the photographers were asked to take photos of the first editions muse Stephanie (Superior Model Management) . The clothes were supplied by American Apparel and other than those two factors we had free reign to do as we pleased. The above shots are taken from the session with Stephanie, I was keen to do something a little different with the look of the images and played with a few ideas before opting for the above effect. Stephanie is a former Beauty Queen and I wanted to wrap these images up with a tie-in between her and the wardrobe selected for me. This of course came in the form of the American flag. Its existence in these images is to show the American influence over both our style and our now common place searches for beauty.

Model: Stephanie (Superior Model Management)
Make Up: Sian Lidgate
Stylist: Pamela

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The second Section was the 'Quote' section. Again a very limited brief letting the involved photographers really run with their ideas. The above images are a set entitled 'The illusion of symmetry' Its focus is on the imperfect nature of both body and textile. The Model Mhairi (Superior Model Management) was asked to keep as straight as possible to allow this effect to work. The Images range from fun, to unusual, to uncomfortable. The body seems almost contorted in some, but each image holds a quiet pulchritude thanks to Mhairi's hard work in front of the lens.

Model: Mhairi (Superior Model Management)
Make Up: Jak Morgan
Stylist: Hamish Campbell


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