Wednesday, 11 November 2009


With POSED Magazine on its way this month we are all very excited to see the first issue. Shooting (for me at least) started for the second issue on Sunday so I thought I'd use this as a good excuse to pop up a few links and say a few thanks.
HUGE team on Sunday so a quick shout out to them all. The 3 models all from Superior Model Management did a grand job with new comer 16 year old Caron truly shining. The others did themselves and their Agency proud. Check them all out here: Caron, Ross D and Lauren.
Sam Morrison preformed her debut as stylist with grace and ease, showcasing some of this seasons hottest 'Knits and Winter Warmers'. Kat McSwean painted faces and curled eye lashes with her normal wit and good banter (quality job on the eye dots...) and Saks Sarah Graham-Mccombe rokin the hair and styling. Huge thanks to Karen my assistant for the day and all the others that put the effort in.


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