Friday, 25 September 2009

RIP the skinny fashion pages

So after a run with the skinny fashion section it looks like it has come to a nice natural end. Onward and upward they say. So as a final farewell I thought I would post the whole of the last skinny shoot (despite having posted one of the images just a few days ago) and a few wee extras.

So first up is make up! Zoe sits calmly as she is told we are gonna smear lipstick on her, mess up her hair and rip holes in her tights.... The shoot was based around 'little line up' and the girls do a spot of fighting along with some head shots etc.

So first up was Mhairi, (whom I've been doing lots of tests with over the past month so I'm sure you'll see more of her) Ian Tod with one D was styling like his life depended on it. Love his energy on shoots, he always brings it. It really makes a huge difference to a shoot when you are all bouncing off one another.

Ian shows em how it's done!

So here are the shots that made the mag.

This one of the two girls didn't make it in - see the other post if you're interested.

Here are a few that also didn't make it in......


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