Monday, 19 October 2009

Nieve Jennings nude shoot


Since publishing this post the images of Nieve hit the front page of the Sun newspaper.

An early morning saw us sitting in a car park in west Lothian with tea, coffee and a bundle of make up last Thursday. We were shooting for Nieve's folio as its been a while since she had done a shoot on location.
I scouted a spot to shoot in while Kat got Nieve's make up all done. Working from sketches she created a lost in the forest look, making the most of Nieve's animalistic facial qualities.

I wanted to use a relatively straight forward lighting set up on this shoot, so took 2 speedlights and umbrellas, a reflector and mixed in some natural light to get a nice soft and hi gloss look. Here is a test shot from the first set up.

We were keen not to make these shots look like a glamour shot so the styled light and nature of the photographs I think manages to keep us a cut above.

Kat applies some final touches and we are set.

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